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Syrian Builders

Why Syrian Builders

Because our clients can trust SBC to make their projects easier and better. Our unstoppable commitment to innovation means we never stop collaborating with our clients to provide new products and solutions that meet their needs. We come from a background of construction fields, we have worked on the most sophisticated projects in the middle-east. That is why we know what works and what doesn’t. And we assure you that we will transfer this knowledge to you, with aim of providing benefits to your projects.

About Us

About Us

SBC was founded in Syria, in 2018, responding to a growing concern for construction, protection and environmental problems. Moreover, our products are carefully chosen to serve today’s increasing demand for advanced engineering materials.
However, SBC can confidently assure you of its premium quality services, in supply and installation of Waterproofing and Damp roofing, Concrete Repair and Protection, and Environmental Engineering (Ponds & Landfill Lining). As well as it relies on a highly qualified, specialized and motivated team of Engineers, Supervisors and Applicators.

Syrian Builders Trading and
Construction Company

SBC is a growing company within the growing Syrian market with aim of becoming a leader in the specialized supply and application of unique construction products related to:

Selecting only high quality products supplied through reputed and well established manufacturers within the industry, we are confident that our clients will be provided with optimum solutions delivered on time and with excellent cost efficiency.

Vision & Mission

our philosophy lies within our business transparency as our doors are open to all our clients

We are determined to improve and maintain our leading position as a trading and construction company, to build reputation by the ability to completely satisfy customers by providing high quality services. As specialists in their respective fields, our teams of professionals are dedicated to a standard of excellence for quality and performance, through continuous development, which will set standards in our industry.

We are providing solutions for a future of success.

Our Company established itself to conduct its operations in a fair, ethical and professional manner, which reflects excellence in every aspect of our business. Being committed to the highest standards of integrity and performance, our target is to maintain market superiority through our superior quality services, continuous improvement and strategic alliances with key suppliers.

Is committed to meeting its fundamental obligations to shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers. This commitment is based on four, fundamental precepts stating that the company will:

 Maintain and enforce high standards of ethical conduct

Relationships will be based on honesty, trust, fairness and respect

 Maintain a strong “quality work environment” and demonstrate care for every employee

 Attract and retain consumers and customers with products and services of consistently superior quality and value

Customer needs will drive our efforts to win more contracts in the marketplace with superior services and a competitively-advantaged technical solutions

 Maintain a prudent, results-oriented approach to business that builds superior shareholder value over the long-term

Discipline, focus, personal accountability and a passion for succeeding will be encouraged and rewarded